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It has been 92 years after the establishment of Toastmasters Club in California, US, in 1924 and ten years since our region was designated as the District 76.
Currently, people in 135 countries and regions in the world are enjoying toastmastering.
This must be a proof that “communication & leadership skills” which can be improved through various toastmasters’ activities, are highly valued in the society over times and countries.
The District 76 Japan has about 170 clubs and about 4000 members as of today.

In the District Speech Contest, eight outstanding speakers will compete with each other, showing their elaborated speeches.

The Spring Conference 2016 will be held in Osaka for the first time in 14 years.
“We want to welcome the participants with hearty hospitality and make them enjoy the conference and the culture of Osaka!”
We have been working on the preparation for the past year, with this enthusiasm.
It will be May 27, 28 and 29! Let’s create a lot of fun and memorable moments together for the three days!

Kiichiro Ohmi

Japanese Keynote Speaker

We are welcoming Professor Akira Miyahara as our Japanese Keynote Speaker.
(Ph. D. The Pennsylvania State University, Speech Communication, 1983)
Professor of Communication Studies at Seinan Gakuin University
Professor Miyahara specializes in interpersonal and medial communication,
and has published books on communication studies in Japanese.
He currently serves Japan-U.S.
Communication Association (affiliate of National Communication Association) as president and the International Communication Association
as a member-at-large for East Asia.
He lectures and gives seminars at various organizations including hospitals in Japan.

The term and concept of “public speaking” often give an impression that it is a one-way communication initiated by the speaker to a passive audience.
To increase the effectiveness and impact of the speech both the speaker and audience members need to work together so they can co-create and share important meanings.
It is of course the speaker’s responsibility to maximize the effects by thoroughly preparing the content and organization of the speech along with the wording and nonverbal means of message transmission.
We need to, however, recognize that the message that remains in the audience members’ minds varies from person to person as long we use arbitrary symbols, whether they are verbal or nonverbal.

Given the possible ambiguity or even a total misunderstanding, the level of success in a speech greatly depends upon the extent to which the speaker and the audience can share the meanings.
They also need to work together to increase the levels of satisfaction in both giving and listening to the speech.
When and only when they are mutually satisfied, they can share the sense of growth.
It is therefore important to re-consider “Who” (the speaker) “To whom” (the audience) “What” (content of the speech) “What for” (purpose of the speech), and “How” (delivery) of each public speaking occasion.
Western rhetoric, even though it may be effective to the Western speakers and audiences, needs to be effectively arranged for the Japanese counterparts, and I would like to discuss how we can best do so.

English Keynote Speaker

We are welcoming International President Jim Kokocki as our English Keynote Speaker.

Theme: Developing your leadership skills

International President and Business Consultant in Canada.

International President Jim Kokocki contrasts management and leadership and explains why both are required.
In addition he discusses succeeding and communication as a leader and leads the group
in an entertaining but illustrative communication exercise.

Special Message

Toastmasters International is formed from people of diverse nationalities, age groups and gender.
Do join us to personally experience their passion at the upcoming Spring Conference !!

Special Features!!

1.The speech contest is Fun Fun!

The grand attraction of the Spring Conference is going to be the SPEECH CONTEST.
In addition to the excitement of listening to the speeches from the best 16 speakers from all over the country,
seeing and listening to them all on the same stage will be same as mastering the speech technique itself.
We look forward to welcoming so many recognized speakers and guests at this event.
Here are the details.→

2.Osaka sightseeing tour is Fun Fun!

Things that come to mind when we hear “Osaka” --- 「Stand up comedy」, 「extravagance of food indulgence」 and 「Dotonbori area」.
We have incorporated all these essential parts of Osaka culture extensively in our
sightseeing tour titled「Suito-Osaka Dotonbori Domannaka Tour」Experience
the joy of Osaka through the “Domannaka Tour” in which even many Osaka natives
have shown strong interest to participate.
Here are the details.→

3.Party is Fun Fun!

If you are wondering if we would really be include include Osaka elements in the party also, please relax!
We have plans to organize a party that will have Osaka elements in both the party location as well as the party contents.
Join us to experience a never-before party atmosphere and let`s enjoy the Fun Fun time together.
Here are the details.→

4. Gallery Corner is fun fun!

Gallery Corner is our first attempt in Toastmaster's conference. You will find this exciting and fun corner at the next to the registration desk.
Please come and check it out! You will find a big surprise there!
Here are the details.→

5. A ballpen is fun fun!

Folders, socks, ties and more! We have come up with a lot of lot of ideas. And we have chosen the one, ballpens.
But it is not just a ballpen, it is the Osaka Conference Original Ballpen.
If you use it, you will be "fun fun". Let's use it with your club members. To express your appreciation, why don't you give them to your officers or members!?
Here are the details.→

What's New

2016/02 Official HP have launched!!

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